Average Pricing for Locksmith Services

Charges: Service | Trip | Labor | Time | Replacement Parts | Special Orders | Shipping

It is wise to contact a locksmith and ask for credentials and prices.How much should a locksmith cost?

Locksmith shops calculate charges differently and final costs, no matter the equation, could vary slightly.

Visit your local lock shops to check and choose the one you prefer. Even better choose two shops just in case.

You can get a quote by calling any locksmith shop, however there are some cases where it is difficult to determine the exact lock manufacturer, problem or malfunction that is the cause of a lock issue and to find the remedy over the phone.

Accurate descriptions of issues and needs will aid the locksmith to narrow the field of cost.
In cases where a final cost is unattainable ask for a “Ball Park” estimate consisting of the least and most amount it would cost to solve the unidentified, specific or unique lock issue.

Charges may consist of one or more of the following for your request:

  1. Service Charge (Trip fee)
  2. Time and/or Labor Charge
  3. New and Replacement Parts
  4. Shipping costs for special orders

Please Note: Walk In Shop Prices do not include service charge or trip fees.
Service Charge applies for Mobile Locksmith Service in addition to work.

  • Service Charge for Mobile Service – $55. to $75.
  • Lock Re-Key (Standard residential) – $10. to $15.
  • Lock Re-Key (Standard commercial) – $15. to $25.
  • Lock Re-Key (High Security) $17.50 and up.
  • Duplicate House or Office Keys (Standard Key) – $2.50 to $5.
  • Duplicate High Specialty or Security Keys – $12.50 and up.
  • Duplicate Standard Car Keys $3.50 to $6.
  • Duplicate High Security Car Keys $50. to $100.
  • Standard Car unlocks – $10. to $20.
  • High Security Car unlocks – $80. to $100.
  • Replacement Car Keys (Standard Key) – $50. to $75

For after hour, weekend & holiday appointments call for prices regarding:
| Mobile Service | Trip | Labor | Time |
or any fees and additional charges.

It is wise to know a locksmith or two before you need one.

When searching for a Locksmith needing:
  • Commercial or Residential Standard or High Security Lock or Exit Device.
  • High Security Restricted Key or Master Key System.
  • Specialty Decorative Lock for your Entry, Hall, Bath or Closet.
  • Safe for Guns, Documents, Security, Fire Protection or Mobile Security.
  • Hardware – Door Closers, Hinges, Door Repair Products
Speak with an experienced locksmith first for solutions, exact hardware quotes & accurate estimates for work to be done in a shop or for mobile locksmith service.

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